PSA Shows that Texting while Driving can Kill a friendship


When I took driver’s education in high school, the teacher showed this one film called Signal 30. This film was a no-holds barred look at car accidents, with all the blood-and-guts details. I’ve never been the type who slows down when passing a car accident, because I don’t want to see real-life gore.

Of course, we didn’t have texting and driving when I was in high school, which is the cause of many auto accidents. If we did, then I’m sure my driver’s education teacher would have insisted on showing the PSA video that you can view after the jump.

The video itself is about the first four minutes of what will be a 30-minute video, and it is quite graphic. It begins with a teenager texting while driving, and you can probably figure out what happens next. There is a lot of blood, and even though it could be gorier, there are some scenes that are just downright sad.

For example, the video doesn’t hesitate to show a baby who is not blinking, or a little girl who wonders why her mummy and daddy can’t wake up. This is probably something they couldn’t show on television in America unless it was TV MA, but I believe the rules are different in the UK.

The video was made by the Gwent Police Department, and none of the footage that you see is real. I’m not certain what the full 30-minute video of this will be called, but if this doesn’t stop teens from texting while driving, then I’m not certain what will.