When will that light turn green? Audi’s Travolution lets you know.

Nobody likes a waiting at a long red light, and sometimes it would be good to know exactly how long a driver has to wait. Fortunately, Audi is working on a program called Travolution, which allows a driver to know how long that infernal light will stay red.

This device will come in handy for when you are going fast toward a red light. The Travolution will tell you if that red light will suddenly turn green in a few seconds, so you can keep going.

Not only can this Travolution revolutionize travel and save time, but it can also save the earth as well. Apparently, the idle time that you spend at an intersection waiting for a light can lead to increased CO2 emissions, which no one really wants for an environmentally friendly planet.

So far, this Travolution is still in the experimental phase right now, being tested out in the German town of Ingolstadt. The town had to install a network of “intelligent traffic lights” in order to implement this Travolution system, and I’m wondering how much work it would take to get all traffic lights in the world in line.

I’m not certain if this Travolution will improve things, because it will just increase the amount of times that drivers will want to get things done before the light turns green.