Bricycle: Saving the Planet, one driver at a time

Every day, millions of people take to the roads as solitary drivers in their automobiles. This seems to be a complete waste of energy as most cars have room for at least three other passengers. Assuming the solitary driver can’t find an convenient carpool, why not switch to a speedy, energy-efficient vehicle that can hold just one driver?

This is the concept behind the Bricycle, a three-wheeled wonder designed by someone named Brian. Yes, he named it after himself, but see the name as a descriptor, and not as a reflection of ego. After all, this isn’t any normal bicycle or tricycle, but a motorized trike that is like no other.

This Bricycle is made of plywood, epoxy, and fiberglass cloth. It is powered by a 48-volt motor at the front, and is capable of 21 speeds.

Brian has stated that his Bricycle prototype is nearing completion, and I certainly see a lot of potential. I have seen other conceptual one-manned vehicles that can turn an ordinary road into a two-way highway since they take up half the space. Considering the amount of cars on the road, vehicles like the Bricycle might be the only way to reduce traffic.

Not only that, the Bricycle is completely electrical, so we can reduce our dependence on oil. Anything that can help out with fighting overpopulation and pollution can only be a good thing.