Nissan’s ECO Pedal pushes back during acceleration

Despite having the best of intentions to alter your driving habits in order to save on gas, sometimes it’s difficult to change your ways. Well Nissan has designed a gas pedal called the ECO Pedal to help you with your lead foot. When it senses you’re accelerating too quickly, it will begin pushing back. Which if you prefer a car that has the ability to get up and go, it’s going to become a bit obnoxious. They do claim the it will increase fuel efficiency by 5 to 10 percent. Which would definitely cut down on all that money you’ve been forking out for gas.

On the plus side it does have an off switch for the gas pedal. Nissan states that the pedal will be installed in models in the next year. Although I can say without a shadow of a doubt this gadget would drive me insane, I can see it being quite useful for others. Hopefully they just put it in cars that are geared towards fuel efficiency anyway. That or make it so that it was only slipped into a few of the cars. Unfortunately, I’m sure that this pedal would annoy more people than it would actually help.