TurnSmart Mirror System

I sit in my 15 year old Suburu, glancing at my fellow drivers with envy. Look at all of them with their fancy rear view mirrors and their LED turn signals. Psh, like I would want something like that anyway. Don’t look at me that way! No need for smugness! I already know you have a nicer car, no need to rub it in that you’re better looking and most likely better in bed too.

But there’s a few tricks up my sleeve which might just make me feel a little better about my crap-mobile, even if it’s not nearly as chic as the real thing. The TurnSmart Mirror System adds a set of wide rear view mirrors onto your current mirrors. These mirrors also happen to feature solar panels which power a set of super bright LED’s which sync with your turn signal. Solar panels! How about that, Mr. Smug Driver?!

Sure, my car might not be up to par with your 2008 Escalade. Hell, it probably isn’t even up to par with a 1998 VW Beetle. But that doesn’t mean I have any less right to keep myself safe from you and your hulking automobile. Bigger cars just mean you have a bigger blind spot. So, I win.

If you’re like me and begrudgingly holding onto your vintage car, just because the few minor engine and exhaust problems aren’t enough to force you to yield the cash for a new ride, then you should pick up one of these too. No more smug looks. No more being left behind in the safety mix. $150 and you’re set for a few more days of driving power, at least.