Not only is this lawn mower all terrain, its remote controllable

Anyone who lives on a hill knows how much a hassle it is to mow a hillside. Many farmers have just given up the task in favor of a heard of billy goats and cattle who do the job quite nicely. And I don’t’ even want to show you the slopes in my back yard. But the bottom line is that hillsides need to be mowed down just like any other landscape. Even more so as brush fires usually get out of control on hillsides. So, what all us hill folk need is a lawn mower that’s half tank, half RC car. And thankfully, that day has come with a vengeance. Enter the Evatech GOAT Robot 22T.

The Goat can be controlled by radio from up to a half mile away and can mow up a 70 degree slope like it’s flat land thanks to its tank like treads which grab ahold and provide secure footing all the way up. And it can move up that steep hillside at speeds reaching 8 MPH, which means I could sit in my backyard with an umbrella and some sweet tea and get the hillside mowed down in less time than it takes to mow the rest of the yard. Better yet, hand the boy the RC control and tell him to pretend he’s Patton’s 3rd Army moving towards Bastogne! And with the optional snowplow attachment, the Goat can also become an awesome snowplow in winter.