The AgfaPhoto DC-600uw Waterproof Camera can handle the outdoors


Taking a decent camera around water is always a nerve wrecking idea. Unfortunately, if you don’t take a camera, you might miss out on a lot of pictures you wish you had captured. Be it of cool underwater shots, the kids playing in the sand or various other activities while you’re near or in the water. With this AgfaPhoto camera you could get all of those pictures and not have to worry about ruining your camera.

The 6MP camera is shock and drop proof, plus can handle a bit of dirt. Making it also a great camera to have around for just general outdoor activities. It can work up to 10 meters underwater, so you could get a few fun underwater photos. It also has 32MB of internal memory and then an SDHC memory card slot so you can add more memory to that. Along with a 2.4” LCD display, face recognition and digital zoom