Amazon outs new Kindle for the masses

The e-book reader scene is slowly but surely picking up steam, and the Apple ipad has certainly done its bit to spice up competition amongst various e-book manufacturers. Amazon might have been the most successful with its Kindle for sometime already, but with the iPad’s appearance, the folks over at Amazon certainly aren’t going to rest on their laurels. No sir, the company has come up with a spanking new Kindle to replace the #1 bestselling item on for two years running. This all-new Kindle will come with a new electronic-ink screen that will supposedly boast a 50% better contrast compared to any other e-book reader, while featuring a much sleeker design that is 21% in size without compromising on its 6″ size reading area. Apart from that, traveling with your Kindle is now lighter than ever thanks to a 15% reduction in weight to just 8.7 ounces. Of course, what’s all that if the processor underneath the hood is not improved? The new Kindle sports 20% faster page turns, alongside up to one month’s worth of battery life. Storage has also doubled, allowing you to hold a whopping 3,500 books that ought to last you for quite some time. Perhaps they could give prisoners Kindles to keep their minds occupied instead of just figuring out how many days they have left to spend behind the bars? More on the Kindle in the extended post.

Of course, there is also an integrated Wi-Fi connection for you to download your favorite digital tomes just in case you aren’t around an area with great 3G connectivity. Some of you out there might not take too kindly to the graphite color option though, but for $189, it might just be well worth your dough. There is also another addition to the Kindle family this time now – the Kindle Wi-Fi. This will target readers who do not need the convenience of free 3G wireless connectivity, where the price has dropped to a mere $139. Of course, this would mean you will need to look out for a Wi-Fi connection if you want to download and purchase your favorite books. If you place a pre-order now, it will ship to more than 140 countries and 30 territories from August 27th onwards.