Asus Eee PC 900A connected to this Volvo

This device on this car is probably the future of auto security as we know it.

Someone has gone to the trouble of installing an Eee PC 900A into the dash of this Volvo, and has gone to even more trouble to make the computer part of the automobile’s systems.

Not only does it have two pressure sesnors for boost and vacuum, but the computer displays the RPM, O2, and the exhaust directly. By the way, the user enters in a PIN number in order to start it.

I have included a video of it that you can see after the jump. Granted, the camera movement is shaky, and the narration reminds me of the show Dexter, but I like what he has done here.

In fact, I take back the Dexter comment, as you are no serial killer, but a complete genius. I think we all know that a PIN number could really do a lot to prevent car theft.

However, in the photo, it appears to be a woman doing some sort of strip tease. That is probably going to lead to an accident.

Well, we all know that cars and computers are going to get more and more “in tune” with each other. This particular DIY device is definitely the way to go, and I hope not to hear about any “surfing the net while driving” accidents.