Best Buy flies into vending machines

Vending machine kiosks have been a staple of the Japanese electronics world for years. But as gadgets get cooler and cheaper, it appears that Best Buy is poised to begin flooding American airports with vending machine kiosks filled with last minute gadgetry to help stressed out travelers who seek to get their tech on or simply to replace the AC adapter they left in their hotel room.

Best Buy has already been testing kiosks in twelve airports around the country, including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas , Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and San Francisco. And by the first of September, the installation of their remaining vending kiosks will be complete all around the country. Then, travelers from all over the good ole USA will the option to purchase media players, unlocked cell phones, digital cameras, portable gaming devices, plenty of chargers, flash drives and other storage, cell phone and computer accessories, headphones, and, of course, Best Buy gift cards.

The idea is a great one and should help Best Buy’s bottom line as they won’t have to worry about Chuck like employees running off to save the world at minimum wage, and they won’t have to deal with an excessive amount of demo units which must be sold on clearance. Customers will have to just plunk down their credit card and press a button before they can even hold the device of their choice. But one thing is certain, it’s the ideal remedy for someone who’s late for their flight and realizes they forgot their earbuds.