California to get digital license plates?

I’ve learned that there is a group in San Francisco that wants to make license plates digital. This doesn’t surprise me. I suppose that print is a slowly dying medium, and I think we all knew that all road signs are going to be replaced with video displays.

License plates are things that change all the time, and if there was some digital way of tracking them and changing them when needed, then new ones wouldn’t have to be printed all the time.

Sounds good, right? Here is the kicker. Apparently, the same group that wants to do digital license plates wants to make it possible so you can put ads on them. You might want to read more after the jump.

Yes, that’s right. Ads. These ads wouldn’t be displayed while the car was in motion, but if the car was motionless after a few seconds, then the commercials begin.

The whole reason for having these ads is to help California pay for debts that the state has accrued over the years. Apparently, the state governed by the Terminator has a $19 billion dollar debt.

I honestly don’t know if a state would get in debt more with this program. I also don’t know if it would be good to put even more advertising on the streets. Do we really need another distraction on the road?