Canon G11: better, stronger, faster

The Canon G11 sports a 5x optical zoom that's 2 stops faster than the G10.Canon has announced the latest in the “G” series, the Powershot G11, which sports a larger, 5x zoom len (28-140mm 35mm equivalent) which is 2 stops faster, a 10MP CCD (backing down from 14MP in the G10) with better low light performance thanks to an upgraded anti-noise sytem, and a 2.8 inch viable angle color LCD. Can we call it the bionic cam?

In addition to an upgraded CCD and faster, longer zoom lens, the G11 has all the typical features expected from the G series including RAW support, full manual options, mode dials for exposure compensation and ISO adjustment, and the ability to use an external Speedlight flash or underwater housing.

The Canon G11 sports a new viable angle LCD screen.

The Canon G11 sports a new viable angle LCD screen.

The G9 was a popular backup camera for professionals looking for a shirt pocket option where a full DSLR rig was either impractical or unexpected. The G11 gives them faster exposure options, and while the larger vari angle LCD gives great room, Canon still managed to hang onto the classic viewfinder for those who enjoy shooting “old school.” And with the noise limiting technology and faster lens, Canon shows it can think outside the box when it comes to increasing megapixel capacity, but without allowing noise to creep in at higher ISOs or in low light.