Clarifi iPhone Case with Macro Lens

We all know that the iPhone 3G is a great handset by any means, but it certainly falls short when it comes to the built-in digital camera. This handset is meant more for portable entertainment instead of snapping picture perfect photos, but there are tools like the Clarifi Case with macro Lens which will help you out if you insist on ditching your dedicated pocket digital camera.

Protect your iPhone and take close-up macro photos to boot. The Clarifi iPhone Case with Macro Lens makes blurry photos of secret documents a thing of the past. Simply slide the built-in lens over your iPhone’s camera and take crystal clear shots of business cards, documents or any other close-up item. Then you can use those photos with some cool free iPhone apps like Snappr which scans barcodes in stores to find you the best prices, or Evernote which takes photos you shoot and creates a searchable picture database from any text in the photo.

You can bring home the Clarifi iPhone Case with Macro Lens for $24.99 from ThinkGeek. Nice to know that everything is integrated into a single device, so there are no adapters for you to fumble with and neither are there small pieces lying around, waiting for you to lose them. Make sure that you’re rocking to an iPhone 3G though – it won’t work with the iPhone 3G’s predecessor.