Cloak Bag disguises your fancy camera

When you put your camera into the camera bag, usually it means you’re done. Then of course as soon as you zip up that bag, there will be a great shot that you missed. It just always seems to work that way. Well instead of missing important pictures, now you can own a bag that lets you take all of the pictures you want without removing it from the bag. You’ll still have the benefit of just looking like you’re carrying around a normal bag, but secretly you’re still fully capable of taking pictures.

Just flip up the top and it’ll reveal all of the necessary buttons to work your camera. Plus you’ll easily be able to see the screen of your digital camera. The bottom of the bag is missing entirely, so there will be no need to remove anything. It’s just as easy as it would normally be to use your camera. Plus there’s a zipper pocket that once unzipped allows you to mess with the camera lens.