Cold War Camera

Hmmm, looking for a camera but you are not quite sure what to get? Let Hammacher do the thinking for you the Cold War Camera brings you back to the heydays where there was more than just one superpower in the world. This nifty little device is a wee bit larger compared to a pack of gum, tipping the scales at slightly over 2oz. which makes it a snap to fit into a myriad of places including a shirt pocket, up a sleeve, or in a boot. Don’t be fooled by its size though – it might have just 5-megapixels of shooting power, but it can capture images at 2560 x 1920 pixels and video at 320 x 240 pixels, alongside 4x digital zoom to keep you covert. All JPEG images and AVI videos are saved onto a microSD memory card, since the 128MB of internal memory can’t do much these days