Deer Whistle keeps deer from denting your bumper

There were several years that I would swear that my car was emitting some sort of deer mating call that brought every deer in the county to stand directly in front of my car. I’ve had to swerve through a full herd of deer more than once. If I had one of these Deer Whistles attached to my car I might have stood a chance against the numerous deer that have crossed my path, particularly since this is supposed to ward them off.

As long as you’re going faster than 35 MPH it’ll create a sound that cause deer, elk, moose and antelope to freeze in their tracks. We’ll just hope that they aren’t already standing in the road when they hear it. The small whistle just attaches to your grill or under your bumper. I have no idea how well it’ll work, but it’s cheap enough to give it a try. Plus, if you live in a rural area it’s doubtful that it’ll make matters any worse