DXG-567V HD Camcorder

Yesterday, DXG released their newest video camera, the DXG-567V HD, to the general market. This portable camcorder is designed to capture high definition video, and is very user-friendly.

The DXG-567 HD is apparently designed for everyone. In fact, the company claims that even an older person can do it. The company claims that the controls are “intuitive”, and the front bears a strong resemblance to an iPod. Younger people ought to be able to operate this camcorder with ease.

Another feature is the Rapid Blog Manager software, which allows videos to be easily uploaded to the Internet on sites like YouTube. All you need to do is connect it to a computer with the flip-out USB connector, and follow a simple, three-step process. This is very similar to the Casio EX-Z9camera.

The user also has the option of connecting the DXG-567V to any plasma or HDTV so he or she can view his or her footage from anywhere.

The DXG-567V HD is available at stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart for the price of just $179 in black, red, pink, and blue. I have heard that this is just one of many simple-to-use camcorders that will be available from DXG before the end of this year.