DXG-569V HD Digital Video Camera

The other day, I reported on the DXG-567V HD Camcorder, and since then, the DXG company has been nice enough to send me that camcorder and another HD Camcorder model, the DXG-569V.

This video for the 569V is HD, up to 1280 x 720, at 30fps. The 569V has a 5MP CMOS sensor, and can take still pictures as well as video. There is about 8M of memory, and it will support high capacity SD cards.

The camera worked right out of the box, and requires 3AAA batteries. DXG had the good foresight to include a charger with 4 AAA rechargeables. The controls felt very instinctive, and I hardly had to consult the instruction booklet to start filming.

The DXG-569V doesn’t have the iPod-ish design of the 567V, and that works to its advantage. I really enjoyed using the rotating flip-out screen that comes in handy for doing solitary shots. Make sure you look at the lens when you’re shooting yourself, not the screen. Otherwise, it will always look like you’re looking to the left when you are viewing yourself on the playback.