Earzee Wristband Bluetooth headsets

What you see here in this obviously touched-up photo is a man using an Earzee. This is a product from Fish Phonics that I encountered at CTIA Fall 2010, and I believe that the purpose of its design is to prevent radiation.

Well, the words “reduce radiation” appear on the flyer for it. I also believe that this Bluetooth bracelet is made for those who don’t want to have “that thing” in their ear all day.

The Earzee comes in three forms. The one that you see in the photo is the Stretch Earzee, and the user essentially grips the tiny listening portion of the device in between their fingers, and talks into the bracelet. When the call is done, the user just lets go, and the Stretch Earzee becomes a fashionable and decorative bracelet that looks like an old-school phone cord.

The Zip Earzee is essentially the same concept, but instead of having a phone cord, it looks like it could be a watch. The user still grips the listening portion in between his or her fingers, but it is designed to automatically retract.

The last is the Neck band, which is a set of headphones that connects around the neck. It is a design that I have seen on other pairs of headphones.

I don’t have a price on any particular model of the Earzee right now. The current status I have is: “Austrailian Innovation Patent, Foreign Patents Pending”.