Electric Car to make 16,000 mile trip

Anyone remember when we reported on the electric car that goes 1,000 km on a single charge? Well, there is an electric car from the Racing Green Endurance Team that plans to take their SRZero Electric car 26,000km (16,000 miles).

The SRZero electric car is sponsored by Imperial College London, and the trip it plans to make is down the Pan-American Highway, starting in Northern Alaska and going to Tierra del Fuego on the tip of South America.

As you can see here, the SRZero car is it weighs just 1,433 lbs and has a 363 V8 in the back. Of course, the batteries will make the car weigh more at 2,600 lbs, and they have a 248 mile range at 386 horsepower. I have included a video of it in action that you can see after the jump if you want to know more about its history.

It also bears a strong resemblance to the Mach 5 from Speed Racer. Maybe they will put one of those special contraptions in it that will make it jump and flip, but I’m pretty sure that Speed Racer’s car was probably not battery powered.

Still, the SRZero is built for some serious cross country racing. Perhaps if there is some electric car racing, it will be the first to cross the checkered flag.