Frankencamera : Open Source Digital Camera scavenges parts from just about anything

The world's first open source camera?Makers are trying to make the digital camera much like the personal computer, something to tinker and custom build with parts taken from here or there to get just the right combination for the kind of pictures you want to take. But will it fly?

Make Zine Blog has a story about the Frankencamera, and open source camera project which gleans parts from everything from a Nokia n95 Cellphone sensor to a Canon EF autofocus Lens. The basic idea being to create a camera which can be updated according to the needs at the time with custom programs that would take advantage of shooting conditions or a desired special effect.

Frankencam uses an ARM development board running Linux on a chip and a small 3 inch LCD screen. The Canon lenses, obviously not native, are compensated for by a series of actuators which gives the onboard software full autofocus, shutter speed and f stop control.