Fujifilm Presents a 3D Digital Camera


Considering the number of 3D movies in the theaters this summer, as well as those coming this holiday, one can’t help wonder if we are entering into a 3D era that will not end as abruptly as it did in the fifties.

Fujifilm has now announced that they are putting out a camera that can take 3D images. At first I thought that this was a camera that could produce prints that would be 3D, with certain glasses, but apparently, I was wrong.

According to my source, “to view the 3D images, users can put them on a special 3D enabled digital photo frame or print them with a special 3D printing process that needs no glasses to view”.

Here’s the real kicker. These three-dimensional prints are at a record $5 each. That’s probably too expensive for the average consumer, but if someone wants a 3-D pic of themselves, this Fujifilm camera could be good as a carnival gag or something.

It can accomplish this wondrous feat using dual lenses that are spaced out just like human eyes.

As I recall, I remember seeing a TV ad in the eighties that featured a camera that could take 3-D images. I don’t remember the company that made it, but it clearly did not catch on. Then again, I seem to remember a barrage of 3D movies back in the early eighties, and that fad quickly died.