Hands on with the DXG-A85V Pro Gear Camera

I had a chance to review the DXG-A80V a few months ago, and I was fortunate to review what looks to be the follow-up, the DXG-A85V.

The cameras certainly look alike, and they are both 1080p video-capable with a 3 inch Touchscreen display. One of the upgrades is that the DXG-A85V has a 12X Optical zoom instead of the 5X that the A80V has. Both are capable of 1080p at 30fps (frames per second), but the A80V can do 1080i in 60fps, while the A85V can do 720p at that 60 frame rate.

The A85V has a very advanced Manual Focus System and allows focusing by tapping on the touchscreen. I had a hard time making this feature work, but I will say that the camera is very good at catching whatever I wanted to focus on.

The DXG-A85V also has Dual Capture Mode for “recording video and pictures simultaneously”. The camera itself includes an HDMI cable, and it can support SD cards up to 16GB. It is also compatible with a remote, but it doesn’t come with one.