HICE Hydrogen-powered vehicle made by high-schoolers

For those that are interested in green vehicles are probably looking to electric or even hydrogen-powered cars.

The hydrogen-powered car that you see in this picture was, believe it or not, designed by a group of high-school students. They are from the Los Altos Academy of Engineering in California, and they have been working on cars like this for a while, in conjunction with companies like Toyota and Boeing.

This particular vehicle, known as the HICE (Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle was nearly completed back in February. It is powered by a four-stroke Honda engine, and has three wheels.

I’m pretty amazed that a group of high-school kids were able to build the HICE. Granted, it lacks a little bit on the interior room, but it is better than what I would have done in high school. I probably couldn’t have done the flame-job on the sides.

Not only do I think its terrific for these kids to do something constructive, but it looks like they’re on one of those “save the Earth” crusades. That’s good, because I think I only heard of Earth Day during my Senior year, which was in 1990.

Considering what these kids are doing in high school, I can’t wait to see what they do after college. Maybe we’ll see some serious hydrogen vehicles on the road by that time.