iDeck iPod Car Cassette Adapter

I remember jamming an adapter into my tape deck years ago to make it possible to play CDs in my beat up first car. Of course I had the really bad portable CD player, the one that whenever you hit a bump it made the song skip. Now if you own a car that doesn’t have a CD player, you can still use that old tape deck for good. Just plug in the iDeck and instead of tapes you’ll be listening to your iPod as you go down the road. Luckily unlike the very old portable CD players you won’t have to worry about your driving causing the music to skip.

I’d say that this isn’t likely to get picked up by a whole lot of iPod users, since surely they’d have a better stereo in their car that wouldn’t require this. However, my 1999 vehicle has only a tape deck, the thing doesn’t even have a CD player, so I understand the need.