JingPeng E1181 cell phone has detachable camera

Remember back when cellular phones didn’t have cameras? Now it is a requirement. Considering the low megapixel cameras that are often tacked on to high-priced smartphones, it is nice to see a cellular phone that invests a lot of time in the camera.

In the case of the JingPeng E1181, it tried something new. This phone allows the user to completely detach the camera as well as its rechargeable battery and place it up to 30 feet away. Wireless video footage can then be transmitted live from the camera section to the phone portion via RF. The user can then watch it on the phone’s three inch screen.

It sounds like something that James Bond would use on a covert mission. It also sounds like something perverts would use to get some shots of the ladies locker room. I suppose “use wisely” should be stamped on this product.

Still, you have to admire a company that tries something as innovative as a cellular phone/camera combo. Yes, most users already have a camera on their phone, but it is only used in cases when they don’t have their better-quality digital camera available. Why not make a cellular phone camera that is so good that it deserves to be detached from the cellular phone altogether?