JOBO GPS sits on your hot shoe, shows you the world

The JOBO GPS data logger goes right where it belongs, on your camera.Most photo gps data loggers sit in your pocket. But the JOBO photoGPS fits right where it should – on top of your camera, thanks to your hot shoe. And like all other GPS data loggers, it logs it’s GPS location every few seconds. Then, after a days photography, the included software marries the JOBOs GPS data with the EXIF photo data of each picture.

And like others, the JOBO servers download map locations and geotags the photos according to country, region city and post code. It’ll even show nearby points of interest such as theaters, sports stadiums, park, etc. And hard core nav fans will enjoy the optional latitude and longitude coordinates to boot.

The JOBO is accurate to within a standard 30 feet and is powered by a rechargable lithium polymer battery. Charging done by USB, so be certain that you disable any power saving features of the OS which will cut off power to USB in order to save it.