Kodak Easyshare M590 digital camera ready to rock and roll

Kodak has introduced its latest Easyshare M590 digital camera which is more than ready to knock your socks off – those who are looking for a consumer class digital camera with pretty intelligent controls without having to fiddle with the knobs and dials found on a DSLR. Of course, a compact digital camera like this might not be able to offer the flexibility of a real DSLR or Micro Four Thirds shooter, but at least it is dummy-proof so to speak, as you let the camera’s processor select all the settings for you to capture your favorite memories. The latest Easyshare M590 is dubbed by Kodak to be the “ultimate social networking accessory for people who love to share their pictures”. Hmmm, is that really so? What defines a social networking accessory anyway? We would say that a smartphone is by far and large a much more suitable social networking accessory.

The introduction of Kodak’s exclusive Share Button will enable consumers to tag pictures and videos straight on the camera itself for effortless uploading to popular social networking sites such as Facebook,Kodak Gallery, Flickr, Orkut and YouTube. Not only that, pictures can also be tagged to email and to send to any Kodak Pulse Digital Frame. Touted to be the thinnest thinnest 5X optical zoom digital camera of its class in the world, the Easyshare M590 will feature advanced capabilities such as Kodak’s Face Recognition for great looking portrait shots as well as Kodak’s Smart Capture feature which allows even the beginner to start taking better images right out of the box without knowing what aperture size and shutter speed are.

Images can also be previewed via its 2.7″ bright LCD display with Kodak Color Science technology, giving you a pretty clear representation of what the final printout at the studio will be like. Expect to bring home the Easyshare M590 later this fall for $199.95, where you can choose from silver, red, purple and blue colors. Of course, we would still recommend a Micro Four Thirds camera if you want something comparable to DSLR class performance and yet don’t want to worry about lugging around a whole lot of stuff while worrying about your lenses and other gear, although the price might easily be five times the amount.