KODAK Wedding Single Use Camera makes event more memorable

KODAK is old hat when it comes to the world of photography, and they are constantly on the lookout to innovate on their products and services. We’re pleased to announce that the company now offers a new line of cameras that will certainly spruce up any wedding, thanks to the KODAK Wedding Single Use Camera range. Of course, we’re pretty sure as well that these can be used for other important and memorable functions, but weddings being weddings, there is nothing quite like notching up all of those Kodak moments for posterity. This new line of fun, stylish KODAK Wedding Single Use Cameras can be used to capture all of the big moments surrounding one’s wedding, not to mention the festivities leading up to them. More details are available after the jump.

We are talking about a couple of new KODAK Wedding Single Use Camera designs that will come in red and blue. Not only that, Kodak has also rolled out the first bachelorette edition of a KODAK Single Use Camera, which will come in teal. Apart from that, Kodak will also produce The Knot “Forever Floral” Single Use Camera, a device which cannot be found anywhere else except via Theknot com.

The new blue camera and red camera will boast an elegant rose design of the original white KODAK Wedding Single Use Camera, where the latter itself has turned out to be a rather popular accessory for wedding receptions, engagement parties and bridal showers. As for the bachelorette version of the Single Use Camera, it will feature a “girls’ night out” design with a teal color scheme that goes well with other fun bachelorette party accessories. The Knot Signature Camera, which was obviously designed by The Knot, is a sophisticated, clean design of silver-gray ivy on a white background.

How about the picture quality, you ask? Kodak’s Wedding and Bachelorette Single Use Cameras and The Knot Forever Floral camera use KODAK 800 speed film for sharp pictures and feature a manual flash with 4 to 11.5 foot flash range, retailing for $5.99 a pop. Bear in mind that that isn’t the final price, as it is a special introductory price instead. For those who want to have a great big day with family and friends, why not give the KODAK Wedding Single Use Camera a go?