LG introduce new Plasmas with bluetooth, PVR to the UK

PG69_05A "new, even smaller" model announcement is an odd thing for a TV manufacturer – usually we hear about larger, louder, brighter sets. There is method to the madness though – historically, plasma TVs have only been available in larger sizes – 40" and above. With the 32PG6000 LG have squeezed Plasma technology into a 32" screen.

Coming soon after the launch of the new LCD TV range this Plasma launch breathes life into a technology many other manufacturers are abandoning, with some innovative new features.

As with the recent LCD launch there are a myriad of model numbers and screen sizes covering a wide range of features and budgets. The 32" set sits at the bottom of the range, while the monster 60" 60PG7000 stands at the top.

Even the 32" model gets a huge array of inputs with 4 HDMI sockets, component, SCART and VGA ports. Moving up the range gets you bluetooth connectivity and an integrated freeview PVR. This is a really nice idea, you get two tuners so you can watch one program while recording another, and a 160GB hard drive for over 80 hours of recording capacity.