Minoru Webcam lets you shoot in 3D

I got to admire the shape of the Minoru Webcam, as it reminds me of the head of Wall-E or Number Five from Short Circuit. However, the real selling point of the Minoru is that it is a webcam that can film in 3D.

Like the 3D cameras that are used to shoot B-rated films back in the day, the Minoru uses two distinct lenses to merge into one blurry looking shot. If you want to look at the images in true 3D vein, you will have to wear the traditional red and blue glasses.

Oddly enough, there is no software required for a use, as it seems to perform with any type of Instant Messenger program, or even YouTube.

I can’t help but wonder how well it works. I mean, am I going to be able to do neat tricks where I reach out to the webcam, and it will look like my hand is reaching out of the screen? Maybe I can film a video like that one episode of Home Improvement, where Al and Tim keep deliberately shoving things at the camera strictly for the 3D effect and going “wooo ooo ooo”.