My Review of the 3M Shoot and Share Camera Projector

The Shoot and Share by 3M is a combination of the currently popular brand of “candybar” design cameras like the Flip and a pico-projector.

These two come together to make a product that allows the user to snap a 5 Megapixel picture or shoot a 720p (1280 x 720) video, and then immediately project it on a big screen. Any blank wall will do, and the image can be as large as 65 inches on its diagonal.

The button configuration is quite interesting, and resembles a telephone keypad. In fact, my eight-year-old daughter thought it was a phone when she first saw it. The configuration makes usage rather instinctive, and I was shooting and filming in seconds as soon as the thing was charged. Then I hit the projector button to make me feel like I was watching a movie in the theater.

The Shoot and Share is powered by a USB that also allows for easy downloading to a computer. It is capable of about 20 hours worth of video, which is about 32GB.The button

The one drawback I found was that the camera didn’t have a flash, so good lighting is a requirement. It also only has 14 MB of internal memory, and the microphone is only mono.