Pinhole Camera Shoots You Like a Gun


Now you know what James Bond sees. You know, at the opening of the Bond films when he shoots that shooter guy?

Welcome to the age of the pinhole camera, a camera that looks like a gun. You’re not going to be able to see the viewfinder in this picture here, but even if you were to see it from that sexy shooter’s point-of-view, you wouldn’t see it.

In other words, this camera gun has no viewfinder. You might wonder what good that is. Designer Franziska Dierschkeare says that the pinhole camera isn’t about a photographer setting up the perfect shot, but rather the shutterbug act of shooting of many pics at a given time.

I have to admit, the pinhole camera does sound like a lot of fun. In fact, I recommend having a few around at the next big party you have, and let some shooters go at it for your Flickr page. Of course, the fact that the camera looks like a gun could disturb the guests.

So far, this is a concept for now, and there is no rumor of an estimated price. Since this is still underdevelopment, I have a suggestion. These photos have to be stored digitally, right? Why not design it so the user can insert a USB thumb drive into the gun just like loading ammo clip into a real gun. Now that would be cool