Recon Technologies making some highly advanced ski goggles


I haven’t been skiing in over a decade, and there were times that I got lost on the slopes. They didn’t have navigation units or cellular phones back then, but this new device from Recon Instruments could turn skiing into a very high-tech experience.

The Recon Instruments ski goggles have a miniature heads-up display that can show the skier’s position on the slopes, as well as the location of his or her friends. You can even use the GPS function to guide the ski patrol to you in case you crash and burn on the slopes.

Not bad, but that is not all they do. It can also display altitude, temperature, as well as recording the skier’s speed the height that he or she has jumped.

It also has a camera, CPU, and storage. The controls are conveniently on the side for easy manipulation, but that might be difficult with a pair of thick gloves on.

Man, I remember back when ski goggles with an anti-fogging fan was a technological advancement. This one looks like you could watch a video or listen to music while waiting in the lift line. What I would have given for a pair of these goggles back in my skiing heyday.