The RS DR-1 Double Strap for serious photographers


When you upgrade to the larger more expensive cameras, it’s never with your own comfort in mind. It’s about the pictures really, but your comfort definitely suffers. Be it because it tugs on your neck or it keeps bumping into your ribs or hip, it can get ugly. It gets worse if you keep around two separate cameras for the larger events, because then you have even more added weight strung around your neck. You also then get stuck with tangled camera straps. Instead of dealing with that hassle, you could give this double strap a try.

It’s created with ergonomics in mind and is built to hold two cameras at once. They’ve used top grade materials and even have a 1 year and 30 days guarantee to go with the strap. Since this isn’t a strap just for the casual photographer, it’s a lot more expensive, it might end up being worth the money. It’ll be out mid-June, but you can go ahead and pre order it now.