Samson Zoom Q3 has a big mike

I enjoy using video-shooting cameras like the Kodak Zi6 and its later models, and they have become quite the trend lately with portable video. However, many of these style of cameras have very poor audio quality.


This is because most portable video cameras are focusing on clear HD video, and forget the importance of audio. In the case of the Zoom Q3, size does matter when it comes to the microphone. That big honking mic on the front of the camera is good for “X/Y confirguration for true ‘stereo imaging’”.

Videos can then be saved to a 2GB SD card for one hour’s worth of recording time. The user can also upload your videos to YouTube, Facebook, and Myspace, with its “cleverly designed USB cable”. I don’t think this guy comes with a flip-out USB like the Flip UltraHD, but it sounds like the user takes the USB cable with him or her. Maybe it stashes somewhere within the camera itself.

The video is in MPEG-4 SP format for 30 frames a second, with 640 x 480 resolution. The LCD is 2.4 inches with resolution of 320 x 420, which allows you to view anywhere. The user can adjust the audio levels on the screen as an added bonus.

The Samson Zoom Q3 is available for approximately $250, and it comes with a windscreen, carrying pouch, 2GB SD Card, AV cable, and 2 AA batteries.