Samsung Galaxy Tab has pretty high return rates

Isn’t it a wonder what good marketing can do for you? That is what’s happening with the Samsung Galaxy Tab after the real story breaks cover, where the return rates of this Android-powered tablet device is far higher than that of its main rival, the Apple iPad. We’re talking about a Wall Street firm estimating that around 15% of the Galaxy Tabs sold are actually returned, which is nearly 700% higher than what the iPad is looking at (2%).

Of course, this 15% rate comprises of sales from the tablet’s debut since November through January 16 this year. The culprit behind the high return rates? It could be because Samsung decided to go ahead with Android 2.2 while rushing the Tab out to the market for first mover advantage, despite Google already stating that Android 2.2 Froyo is unsuitable for tablet use, where Android 3.0 Honeycomb is a whole lot better since it was specially optimized for such use.

Hopefully with the advent of Honeycomb-powered tablets, the return rate of future Tabs won’t be that high, and the whole ordeal will be forgotten soon. Guess all those record breaking feats (2 million sold milestone) do not mean that much anymore, while the recent price drop might just lure more people to end up under the “return” pile. We await further developments with bated breath.