Sanyo is on a roll with new Xacti cameras

Mention Sanyo when you talk about camcorders with the rest of your mates, and chances are the Xacti line will be a name that pops up often. The Japanese company is back again, this time round releasing a new range of Dual Camera Xacti cameras which ought to cater for just about any and every active lifestyle, offering options for those looking for high-definition video and photo capability in a single, easy-to-use compact camera. The mixed form factor involves both horizontal and vertical designs, and we are privy to half a dozen Sanyo Dual Camera Xactis. Without much further ado, they consist of the new Full HD 60fps units (VPC-FH1, VPC-HD2000), waterproof HD models (VPC-WH1, VPC-CA9) and Compact HD cameras (VPC-TH1, VPC-CG10), where all six will target a March 2009 release date.