Scala Rider Q2 for Motorcyclists Taking Calls on the Road

Considering the recent United States legislation that has come out against drivers using cellular phones behind the wheel, I haven’t heard anything about similar laws being passed on motorcyclists. I guess I figured that motorcyclists can’t answer the phone and ride with one hand, and the helmets that they are supposed to be wearing would have really bad reception.

Cardo Systems is all over this problem with the Scala Rider Q2. The Q2 allows for hands-free communication when paired with a cellular phone, and it will allow headset-to-headset communication of up to 1,640 feet (500 meters).

The Q2 can also wirelessly connect to other audio sources so the motorcyclist can get instructions from a GPS device, or mobile conversations with third parties.

In addition to those cool features, the Q2 has a jack for connecting an MP3 player. The Q2 will even stop whatever music is playing so the user can take a call. For more music options, the Q2 has an embedded FM radio.

These microphones are designed to be wind-impact resistant, and their volume adjusts according to the driving speed and ambient noise. Now, if I only knew how it worked when the biker is wearing a helmet.