Scosche SolCHAT

I think we all know that what the world needs now, is solar power, sweet solar power. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t be stealing old classic songs and adding green messages to them, but what the heck, it is quite true.

Scosche has recently unveiled a new solar-powered endeavor with the SolCHAT Bluetooth Speaker phone. It is designed to be used in the car, so you can chat and drive without breaking any new laws.

It has a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery with a solar panel. I’m not certain how efficient this is, as many solar-powered gadgets that I have seen in the past have been historically inefficient.

Fortunately, if there is no sun out, you can recharge the SolCHAT via USB. Of course, a lot of cars don’t have USB ports in them, but times are changing all the time. After all, most new cars have responded to consumer needs and added an iPod dock, so why not a USB port as a new standard?