Smart Jumper Cables think for you

It’s probably pretty safe to say that anyone reading this has hooked up a computer with all of those pretty wires. The great thing about a brand new complete computer set is that all of the wires are color coded. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Well, jump starting a car is just like that. Don’t mix up the colors and don’t touch the clamps together. It’s pretty simple stuff. Well apparently, that’s just not simple enough, because someone had to create an easier set of cables.

Now if you’re completely color blind I can understand needing this, but beyond that, it just seems like a device to protect airheads from being killed thanks to a little natural selection. These Michelin Smart Jumper Cables can be mixed up entirely. Just pop the clamps onto your battery, then when you hook them to the 2nd battery it will figure out the polarity automatically. No more color coding is necessary. Now one thing I do like is that it has a built-in surge protector, so that you won’t damage you car’s computer or any other electronics. Truthfully I had no idea that was an issue, but I’m not exactly a car expert either.