Thanks to CineSkates, Gorillapod looks even stranger with wheels

We have reported on the Joby Gorillapod before, on many occasions. It is a flexible tripod that attaches to a camera, making it look like a War of the Worlds Martian. If you ever wanted to put some wheels on your Gorillapod, you can do it now with Cineskates.

If you are wondering why you should want to put your flexible tripod on wheels, then you need to think like a film director. Just think of how cool your DSLR video will be when you do arcing shots, sliding shots, rolling shots, and any other shot that is in dynamic motion.

you would imagine that you have to do some interesting straightening and bending to get some of the more tricky shots, but something tells me that the final cut will be worth the effort. I’m sure that even now, Warner Brother is planning how to use this technology for the next Matrix movie. I’m kidding (I hope).

This is once again a Kickstarter project, and it is required to have a certain amount of funding before it is ready to market. By the way, it has already met its $20,000 funding goal. The complete system should run about $350, but a pledge should be about $275. The kit comes with the wheels, a BallHead X joint, Gorillapod Focus, case, and cleaning cloth.