Wacom updates Intuos4, updated the Bamboo line

Wacom products

Okay, I have to admit that I am only slightly behind reporting this news, but needless to say, Wacom has recently updated two of their products, and I was surprised that we didn’t cover one of their updates already.

The most recent update is the intuos4, which we have covered previously. It has recently received an update: wireless capability. It uses Bluetooth to do this, and the lithium ion battery can be charged via USB.

We’ve also covered the Wacom bamboo Tablet, and these have received an update for multi-touch capacity a few months ago. So not only can you draw on this trackpad, but your finger can do some multi-touch interfacing on it as well.

In fact, using the Wacom Pen and Touch, which I had the chance to try out, was a lot like using an iPhone’s touchscreen. Now I know what it is like to use an iPad with a blank screen.

Seriously, the Pen and Touch uses the finger spread and pinch to enlarge and shrink images. You can also use two fingers to do a rotation, and single touch comes in handy for scrolling.