The waterproof Canon Powershot D10

If you do a lot of activities outdoors and want to take along a camera with you, a lot of times the average camera won’t work. Especially if you do anything involving water or cold temperatures, since both situations can have damaging conditions for the average camera. Well instead of taking along the regular digital camera, you could bring along the Canon PowerShot D10. It’s waterproof up to 10 meters, dustproof and freeze proof up to -10 degrees (Celsius). It’s also shockproof, meaning it could be dropped 1.22 meters and still be fine.

If that isn’t enough to keep the camera safe, there is also a range of optional accessories that will protect the camera in extreme conditions. The camera also features a 3x optical zoom, 35mm wide angle and 640×480 maximum resolution videos, a 2.5” LCD and a 12.1 MP sensor. Plus having a Face Self-Timer, Blink Detection, Face Select & Track and Smart Auto Mode and Auto Red-Eye Correction.