WINGStand truly brings the iDevice and Bluetooth keyboard together

Apple has a nice peripheral for the ipad and i phone with their wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, but you really need your iDevice to be at the proper angle if a keyboard is going to be any use.

This is where the WINGStand comes in. It can attach the iPad or iPhone to the keyboard. That might sound like a simple piece of plastic, but in the gadget world, little things like this can do a lot.

I don’t know why Apple’s wireless Bluetooth keyboard doesn’t have something like a Wingstand on it already. What were users doing before, leaning their iDevice against a wall?

Of course, this is a Kickstarter project, which means that it isn’t on the market yet, but someone really wants it on the market and needs your donation to make it happen. In fact, a donation of $20 will get you a WINGStand of your own, with additional sets being $15 each. If this gets out into the market, I have an a jingle for it, to the tune of “Windy”.