The YEE Flying concept car: So this is love

I’ve been seeing this image on many a tech blog this morning. Everything that I have read about the YEE car that transforms into a plane is always so negative.

Most people say that it is just too good to be true, and for that I will have to agree. Then again, I’m sure that people in Da Vinci’s time thought that airplanes and helicopters would never be made.

In other words, do not doubt cool concept technology like this. Don’t assume that there is some jerk in charge of new technology who will never approve of it because this person is satisfied with the technology that we already have.

So I will give my kudos to Pan Jiazhi, Zhu Wenxi, and Lai Zexin at the Department of Industrial Design in School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, China. You guys dared to dream, and I am very pleased with what you have come up with.

Don’t worry, we will one day live in an era of flying cars. I mean, I’ve seen Back to the Future II, and we have flying cars by 2015. We also have hoverboards, shoes with laces that tie themselves, jackets that adjust to your size, and, what we really want, the abolishing of all lawyers.