Lego Camcorder coming …

Earlier today, we told you that Lego was getting into the cell phone business. Well it seems that today is Lego day and that Lego is also looking to set their sights on entering the Camcorder market as well. Having joined with kids gadget maker Digital Blue, Lego is designing a digital camcorder with a small flip out 1 ½ inch LCD screen, record/function buttons perched on top, detachable remote control, and five way navigation control for operating the camera.

The Lego Camcorder, known as the LEGO Animation Station Video Camera, was found in the wild at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Digital Blue expects the LEGO Animation Station Video Camera to be available this summer/fall for a retail price of $79.99. It will come with a how-to guide for kids to learn shooting video and along video editing software for the PC to edit their movies.

There’s no real word on megapixel or other stats or even if it has digital still capability. But for the price, it’s sure to be a fun camera for kids to learn filmmaking with.