Pets Eye View: See things from Fido’s POV

Ever wonder how your pet sees the world? I can imagine that it is pretty low of the ground, and food is always so high up.

Now, you don’t have to imagine anymore with the Pets Eye View digital camera! The Pets Eye View clips to a pet’s collar like an ID tag, and is completely water resistant.

The camera can be programmed to snap a photo every one, five, or fifteen minutes, and store them in its internal memory. These pictures can be downloaded onto your computer with the included USB cable. This cable can be used to charge the lithium ion battery inside the camera.

I am all for putting a camera on cat or a dog. It definitely gives a new meaning to the word watchdog. Hee hee hee. Seriously now, I’m not certain how I feel about the ad campaign used to sell the Pets Eye View.

The Pets Eye View camera advertises that it is a “scientific fact” that “pets can’t be trusted”. Not only that, but “they look like little angels, but they’re just buttering you up so you’ll feed them”.

Man, I know that my dog sleeps on the couch when I’m not looking, but every pet misbehaves. Don’t make them into the villain. Personally, I want to use the Pets Eye View just to see my dog’s POV, not to indict him!