Sony DVDirect DVD Burner

Do you remember back when only the super-wealthy could afford to have video cameras? Now, with today’s cheaper digital camcorders, practically everyone has one. Of course, the one trouble that everyone has is transmitting digital formats directly to DVD.

Fortunately, Sony has created the DVDirect DVD Burner, a device that is starting to gain some popularity in the consumer video camcorder market. The DVDirect DVD Burner allows the transfer of content from other media straight to a DVD without the PC middleman.

The Burner has a 2.5 inch color screen that allows you to preview your material. It also has five memory card slots for transferring digital video content, and has a dual recording mechanism to store up 8.5 GB of footage on a DVD+R Dual Layer Disk. It even has an automatic DVD tilting along with menu creation in four different design styles.

Not only can you connect your camcorder to the DVDirect DVD Burner, but you can connect your VCR or DVR as well. There is the option of recording clear photo slideshows and videos in high definition AVCHD video from Sony HDD or Memory Stick camcorders to DVD format, which is playable in Blu-ray compatible devices.