The retro Philips Digital Camera doubles as webcam

One of the downsides of a digital camera, is it seems like they don’t look nearly as fun as the retro cameras out there. Well Philips apparently agrees, because they’ve decided to come out with a digital camera featuring a classic retro design. It’s obviously smaller than the original retro cameras, so it will be a lot more portable while still holding to that retro look.

The camera has all of the usual perks, such as being rechargeable with a lithium ion battery and coming with image management software, as well as a USB cable. It also has the extra perk of using environmentally friendly materials and uses lead-free construction. It can store over 200 pictures within the camera. If you’re in need of a webcam, this digital camera also can double as that. Unfortunately, there isn’t any pricing info online, but you can find out where it’s being sold at physical stores if you go to the Philips website.